Leaps by bayer

Boston, Massachusetts & Austin, Texas – 2019; Monheim, Leverkusen & Berlin, Germany – 2023

2019 & 2023


Multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer reached out to our team with the challenge of creating an immersive experience that was both high-quality and representative of their brand while being easily transportable across the world.

Focusing on the Leaps by Bayer initiative aimed at “conquering ten huge challenges facing humanity”, our team conceptualized and executed on an all-in-one experience in the form of a customized 40’ shipping container. The container was converted into 4 rooms, 3 for gameplay and one for storage. It was also used to transport an additional 13’ video wall to showcase brand content and player leaderboards. Players interacted with a blend of tactile, digital, and technology-driven puzzles in their quest to save the world in less than 20 minutes.

“Best activation at SXSW this year!”

– SXSW 2023 Visitor



The immersive shipping container experience integrated tactile, digital and technology-driven puzzles, interactive challenges, and an engaging narrative to create a dynamic and collaborative adventure that seamlessly blended the physical and virtual realms. The spatial layout, intuitive interfaces, and scalable challenges were carefully curated to optimize user engagement, providing a unique and replayable multiplayer experience.


During the production phase, the immersive multiplayer experience involved the meticulous fabrication of the shipping container and themed physical props, an online booking system, the creation of interactive puzzles seamlessly integrating player leaderboards, and the orchestration of video and sound production. This resulted in a captivating narrative that blended physical and digital elements


During the implementation phase, the immersive multiplayer experience came to life with the meticulous launch, setup, and teardown processes, ensuring that the shipping container was transformed into a functioning adventure space. Comprehensive supervision, user and operator manuals, along dedicated tech support, further guaranteed a smooth and immersive execution, providing both participants and operators with the necessary resources for an enjoyable experience from start to finish.


A customized shipping container was turned into a multiplayer interactive adventure that combined different sensory experiences and technology to create a realistic underwater research lab that was tasked with saving the world from imminent danger.



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