Interactive management training


Six Continents and 50 Cities Around the World

2018 – 2019


We were approached by Intel® to create a team building experience that embodied inclusiveness and teamwork as part of their overall corporate training goals. Set in the future, the participants were divided into teams and given a mission to save the galaxy over the course of three hours. The final puzzle concluded with the teams realizing that they need to work together in order to ultimately succeed as a group.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the team — they’ve been incredibly easy to work with. The quality of the fabrication has been amazing, they’ve been really responsive in terms of adjusting the design for the 100 people that are doing the experience. Overall it’s been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed working with them.”

– Melanie Davis, Director of Enterprise Learning Solutions at Intel



The design incorporated a hands-on learning experience using custom props and theming to create an immersive and dynamic environment.


The production phase focused on bringing the design concepts to life through the fabrication of custom props and theming, production of tailored content, integration of projection mapping for immersive visuals, and the strategic implementation of gamification techniques within management training elements.


During the implementation phase, the hassle-free hands-on experience ensured complete portability, zero setup requirements, and a fast teardown process, which fostered a quick and engaging team-building activity without logistical hindrances and maximized the participants’ immersive and time-efficient experience. 


The events were operated on every continent and in multiple languages. The game kits were reproduced four times to increase scale around the world, allowing more visitors to collaborate in their mission to save the galaxy.



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The integration of gamification techniques into management training ensures a strategic alignment of team-building objectives, fostering engagement, skill development, and collaboration.



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