Scotiabank – 360 Virtual Arena


Toronto, Ontario, Canada



We worked with S&E Sponsorship (now known as MKTG) to create an immersive experience for the Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village. Utilizing 360 degree projection mapping, the custom 360 Virtual Arena took guests from outside into a completely immersive hockey arena experience.

“I loved seeing Sidney Crosby on the huge screen!”

– Attendee, World Cup Fan Village



The design was a turnkey inflatable structure that accommodated a 360-degree projector to show guests’ favourite World Cup hockey teams, ensuring a visually captivating experience with cutting-edge projection mapping.


Production focused on integrating inflatable materials for structural integrity, a robust 360-degree projector system, and strategically positioned interactive touchscreens for a dynamic and engaging engagement. Additionally, the camera photo op feature enhanced the overall experience and gave attendees a memorable souvenir.


The implementation incorporated efficient setup and teardown processes of the entire turnkey inflatable structure and 360-degree projector, and included operator manuals to ensure a smooth execution, maximizing the impact of the experience while providing clear guidance for staff managing the inflatable structure. 


The immersive experience was live for 10 days and attended by more than a thousand World Cup attendees.



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Most spaces can be turned into a 360 degree immersive environment to create a larger than life experience for a fan’s favourite sports team or customer’s favourite brand, helping your brand stand out from traditional marketing campaigns.



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