Snickers product launch


New York City, New York, USA



SNICKERS® brand’s public relations agency, Weber Shandwick, one of the world’s leading global public relations firms with offices in major media, business and government capitals around the world, hired our team to create a custom escape room in a secret location. 

With the flavours Salty & Sweet, Fiery and Espresso being released, SNICKERS® wanted to find a way to create an experience that could be set up at a pop-up event that embodied how the flavours were all unique in flavour and concept. Taking all this into account, our team crafted an experience from design to teardown that tested the indecisiveness, irritability and wimpy qualities of the players to give them a flavorful diagnosis and tasty chocolate bars to take home.

“We’re thrilled with the level of detail and creative execution they put forth as a partner. We appreciated the time and energy spent by the team to ensure the fabrication was executed flawlessly. The team was extremely resourceful and buttoned up throughout the planning process and was a pleasure to partner with. They really know how to build a great escape room!”

– Giliann Chaikin, Senior Manager at Weber Shandwick



The design team focused on creating an environment that embodied the three new unique flavours in an immersive escape simulator to captivate the senses and create an online buzz around their launch and make the entire experience an influencer engagement tool


The production phase focused on creating a tangible representation of the three new offerings by curating sensory experiences, thematic elements, and incorporating gamification features and strategic product placements in order to foster engagement.


The comprehensive implementation of the pop-up PR launch ensured seamless execution of the event, setup, teardown and a comprehensive and clear operator manual, guaranteeing a smooth operational transition while introducing the three new flavours.


The pop-up event was experienced by select audiences including social media influencers and brand ambassadors over 2 live days in New York and reached millions online.



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