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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



We designed and developed UNCONTAINED within a shipping container to offer a plug-and-play operation process launchable in nearly any location. Everything ‘comes in the box’, with the two player bays that allow for up to 6 users to experience the immersive 1:1 mapped and reactive digital-to-physical player space including infrared heat and air control, fragrance control, rumble floor, physical buttons and controls with haptic feedback, and self-actuating fold-flat seating. This is all designed to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world, delivering a truly unique immersive experience that adds a touch and feel feature to virtual reality. 

The goal of this project was to create an extremely innovative platform with never before seen immersive technology for the Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) industry. We partnered with companies such as HTC, Ultraleap, and DTS Audio to incorporate the assets required to deliver on this goal. A few key innovations we developed were a one of a kind full-body avatar while only using a headset and wrist trackers, a 1:1 mapped physical to virtual with interactive physical consoles, and a behind-the-scenes digital interface control system for all the effects in the space (haptics, actuators, audio, lighting, etc.).

This product saw hundreds of visitors per day during live operation. To sustain this throughput, our team created an extensive operational program. We even developed software and systems for quick troubleshooting and operations testing. Onboarding in VR is a pain point for most activations, and we were also challenged to do so quickly. We accomplished this through stages of in-game onboarding with visual repetition and our innovative calibration process system. 

“Best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

– Visitor at PNE



We conceptualized the plug-and-play fully immersive and reactive digital-to-physical VR multiplayer game from start to finish.


During the production phase, we fabricated the custom full-body avatar system, developed a user-friendly digital interface control system, integrated VR technology, implemented multiplayer spatial sensors, and embedded them all into the turnkey mobile structure


During the implementation phase, we created a comprehensive operational program for both software and hardware systems that involved fine-tuning the integration of custom avatars, digital interfaces, VR technology, and spatial sensors to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, guaranteeing optimal functionality and engagement within the immersive gaming environment.


More than 2000 visitors enjoyed the experience at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) during 2 months of operation. 

We won two awards for this project:

Finalist, Location-Based VR Entertainment of the Year – The VR Awards 2022
Finalist, Best in Location-Based Entertainment – The Auggies 2022  


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We can take your brand activation or training program to the next level by creating a hyper-immersive VR attraction that offers a blend of environmental feedback and player-agency that will leave a positive lasting impression on your audience.



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